Planning a party can be a pretty tedious task, especially for someone who likes everything served on a golden platter in front of them. And people who aren’t like that say “Why would I hire someone to arrange a party when I’m well equipped to do it? The answer’s quite simple! And that is, are you a professional?

Party Planners are skilled professionals that know the in’s and out’s of party planning, everything from catering and décor to venue selection. You can just hire one and put all the responsibilities of transportation, floor management, budgeting, vendor co-ordination, carpeting, accommodation, AV, and the list goes on! But the main question is, is it worth your money? Here are some aspects you didn’t think about that will make you consider hiring an event planner for your party.

  1. They will reduce your budget:

Most people think that hiring an event planner is a waste of their money, with half of their budgeting flowing into the planner’s pockets, but in reality, it’s much more than just that! Event planners have relationships with catering services and venue owners, and even get exclusive discounts for their partnership. Professionals have a lot of experience in ways they can reduce the overall cost of parties, and even help save your money!


  1. They can complete all your preparations on time:

This may sound like crap, but if you ever held a party yourself, you know how hard it is! During the time until the event, you are in constant pressure of whether all the preparations will be done on time or not, whether you visited the vendor for your appointment, and whether all the tasks are complete or not. And before you even know, you are just buried under a plethora of tasks and stress. An event planner can easily take all that and do it in a jiffy!

  1. You’ll be free of stress:

This is the main reason why you should hire an event planner. A professional event planner will take your money, and make everything happen, while you sit back and enjoy your days till the party. In short words, they’ll do your ‘heavy-lifting’ and let you relax instead, so why not?