Are you planning to have a wedding event? Are you having a problem choosing the type of wedding to have? You don’t need to worry since you’ve come to the right place. It is important to know the benefits associated with the wedding type you are thinking about. You, therefore, don’t need to make a decision you are not informed about.

Choosing to hold your wedding outside is a great decision that you can’t regret. Gardens are usually beautiful even before a wedding is added to them. Here are reasons why you should consider an outdoor wedding.


One of the special things in an outdoor wedding is that you can make a choice of venue that will be able to match with your selected theme. Outdoor venues mostly have incredible natural landscapes which can amaze your guests. This means that you won’t have to spend much on decorations. Moreover, the astonishing landscape will help you have memorable pictures of the event.

Reduced costs

The average expenditure for a wedding is about $18,000. This is costly for a person with low income. However, you can be able to reduce some expenses for a wedding by choosing to do an outside wedding where both the ceremony and reception can be held. This can help you save some thousands of dollars which you can be able to use later.

Conducive atmosphere

An outdoor wedding doesn’t have to be necessarily done in the midday when the temperatures are high. You can choose to do it during sunset and use the best lighting style of your choice. You can also choose to do near at the beach where you can enjoy the breeze and the waves.

Ability to play games

An outdoor wedding has limited number of rules compared to those done indoor. When you choose outdoor wedding, you can be able to decide some activities such as room for children to play, casual dinner sitting and even lawn games. You along with your guests can be able to have fun in at the wedding venue, unlike an indoor wedding.

Garden wedding

This is one of the most attractive things in the weddings published in magazines. Besides being large, a garden will relieve the bride the task of buying flowers. A garden is more attractive for its beauty and smell too.

Accommodates more visitors

Outdoor locations can be able to accommodate more number of guests. However, if you have a small number of guests, you can still have a garden wedding that will make you have an intimate feeling during the wedding. Gardens are usually large and therefore can allow accommodation of a large number of people and still create an intimate feeling when accommodating a smaller group of people.